Director of Photography Credits



CHASING INCREDIBLES                                                                    1 x 5 Warner Bros Discovery | Two Chiefs Films

Dir: Su-Mae Khoo

HOW ARE OFFICES CHANGING?                                                                  1 x 10 The Economist | Two Chiefs Films

Dir: Steve Barrett

2020 - 2021 

IMPOSSIBLE ENGINEERING                                                                            1 x 60 Discovery Science | TwoFour

Dir: Rob Grieg


NAIL BOMBER: MANHUNT                                                         True Crime Feature Doc Netflix | Expectation Factual

Dir: Daniel Vernon


2019 - 2020

ANCIENT CHINA FROM ABOVE                                           3 X 60 National Geographic Channel | Wild Blue Media

Dir: Christopher O'Donnell

BABIES (Episode: Love)                                                                                                       12 x 60 Netflix | Nutopia

Dir: Annabel Gillings


CHASING THE EQUINOX                                                 1 x 60 National Geographic Channel | Pioneer Productions

Dir: Kenny Scott



HOW CHINA MADE IT                                                   3 x 60 Discovery Channel | CICC | Meridian Line Films (UK)

Dir: Various



CHINA: TIME OF XI                                                                3 x 60 Discovery Channel | Meridian Line Films | CICC 

Dir: Various


CRICKET MASALA                                                                                            Discovery Channel | Two Chiefs Films

Dir: Su-Mae Khoo and Brian McDairmant

BEYOND THE BOUNDARY                                                            2 x 60 Sky Vision (UK) | Insight Television (Europe)

Dir: Various


MAN MADE PLANET: EARTH FROM SPACE (2017)                     1 x 60 Channel 4 (UK) | Smithsonian Channel (USA)

Dir: Su-Mae Khoo

NOMINATED: Best Science Documentary, Grierson Awards 2017


IN TIME TO COME [FEATURE DOCUMENTARY]                                         BFG Media | Singapore Film Commission

Dir: Tan Pin Pin


PINEAPPLE TOWN                                                                1 x 15 - One of Seven films in 7 LETTERS (FEATURE FILM) 

Dir: Tan Pin Pin | Executive Producer: Royston Tan


THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA: THE HIDDEN STORY            1 X 60 - Channel 4/The Smithsonian Channel/Lion Television

Dir: Ian Bremner

WOOLLY MAMMOTH: THE AUTOPSY                                                                 1 X 60 - Channel 4/Renegade Pictures

Dir: Nick Clarke Powell

MS J (FEATURE FILM)                                                                                       Oak3 Films/Singapore Film Commission

Dir: Jason Lai


THE OLD LADY (Yangon, Myanmar - In Production)                                                                              Two Chiefs/HSH

Engineering/History/Conservation Documentary

NEW SECRETS OF THE TERRACOTTA ARMY                                   1 X 60 - Channel 4 (UK)/PBS NOVA/Lion Television

Prod: Su-Mae Khoo (Two Chiefs) | Dir: Ian Bremner

TRADITION WELL SERVED                               1 X 60 - The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Ltd./Peninsula Hotel Group

Dir: Libby Halliday Palin

BEHIND-THE-SCENES: TRADITION WELL SERVED                               8 X 3 min "Making Of" Specials - Two Chiefs/HSH

Dir/Prod: Brian McDairmant, Su-Mae Khoo

WILD WEST CHINA: HEXI CORRIDOR                                                          13 X 60 - CCTV/Beijing Bojing Productions

Dir: Various

BUKIT BROWN VOICES                                                                                                                 1 X 60 - Two Chiefs

Dir/Prod: Brian McDairmant, Su-Mae Khoo


APOLLO TYRES (Corporate Campaign)                                                                                   Blue Mango Productions

Dir: Bindiya Murgai



THE BIG FAT REALITY (Producer/DOP)                                                                             1 X 60 – Asian Food Channel

Dir: Su-Mae Khoo

2012 Asian Television Awards Nominee - Best Documentary Special/One-Off


FORD MOTORS (Advertising Campaign)                                                                                 Blue Mango Productions Dir: Bindiya Murgai


DRUGS INC: ECSTASY                                             1 X 60 – National Geographic Channel US/Wall to Wall Television

Dir: Ralph Perring


9/11: THE WORLD’S FALLEN                                                    1 x 90 – National Geographic Channel/Testimony Films

Dir: Steve Humphries



THE SPICE TRAIL: NUTMEG & CLOVES                                                                             1 x 60 – BBC/Lion Television

Dir: Paul Sapin


KU DE TA                                                                                                                 1 x 60 – Food Network/The Deck


MONUMENTAL CHALLENGE: TAJ MAHAL                         1 x 60 – History Channel UK/MedialabUK/BBC Worldwide

Dir/Prod: Su-Mae Khoo, Brian McDairmant


FUTURE CITY: SAEMUGEUM, KOREA                                                                       1 x 60 – Discovery Channel/Bang

Dir: Various


MONUMENTAL CHALLENGE: THE BUND                           1 x 60 – History Channel UK/MedialabUK/BBC Worldwide

Dir: Jason Lai



REVEALED: SHAHRUKH KHAN                                                                                 1 x 60 – Discovery Channel/BMP


LIVING WITH A SUPERSTAR: SHAHRUKH KHAN                                                                           10 x 30 – TLC/BMP


CULINARY ASIA: THAILAND                                                                                   1 x 60 – Discovery Channel/Oak3

Dir: Su-Mae Khoo



THE QUEST TO SEE INFINITY (Drama-doc)                                                         2 x 60 – WGBH/PBS/Green Umbrella

Dir: Peter Jones


INGENUITY: ENGINEERING GROUNDBREAKERS                                          2 x 30 - Channel News Asia International

Dir: Su-Mae Khoo


ECOPOLIS                                                                                            Science Channel/ Darlow Smithson Productions

Dir: Various



WILD CHINA: DESERTS (Natural History - HD)                                                                       6 x 60 – BBC-NHU/CCTV

Dir: George Chan | Executive Producer: Brian Leith

2009 EMMY winner - Best Cinematography


DISCOVERY ATLAS: INDIA REVEALED (Doc - HD)                                       1 x 120 - Discovery Channel/Lion Television

Dir: Cassian Harrison



LOST WORLDS: ANCIENT GREECE (Doc - HD)                                       12 x 60 - History Channel/Atlantic Productions

Dir: Anna Thomas


SICKO (Feature documentary UK shoot – HD)                                           1 x 120 – Goldflat Productions (New York)

Dir: Michael Moore


WILD CHINA: MOUNTAINS (Natural History - HD)                                                         6 x 60 – BBC-NHU/ CCTV

Dir: Gavin Maxwell | Executive Producer: Brian Leith

2009 EMMY winner - Best Cinematography


PLANET EARTH: ICE (Natural History - HD)                                                       12 x 60 – BBC-NHU/Discovery/NHK

Prod: Vanessa Berlowitz 

2007 RTS Award - Science & Natural History, Peabody Award Winner


THE GREAT BRITISH SUMMER (Natural History - HD)                                                   4 x 60 – BBC/Lion Television

Executive Producer: Michael Gunton



OUTBREAK: LEGIONNAIRES (Drama-Doc)                                          1 x 50 – National Geographic/Lion Television

Dir: Ana Paula Lloyd  


OUTBREAK: SMALLPOX (Drama-Doc)                                                  1 x 50 – National Geographic/Lion Television Dir: Anna Thomas  


THE FIRST EMPEROR OF CHINA (Drama-Doc - HD)                   1 x 90 - Discovery Channel/Channel 4/Lion Television

Dir: Nic Young

2006 Channel 4 Award at the British Archaeological Awards


HISTORY OF SINGAPORE (Doc - HD)                                                     4 x 60 - Discovery Channel/Lion Television

Prod/Director: Tim Lambert /Alex Lay


APE TO MAN (Drama/Doc - HD)                                                              2 x 60 - History Channel / Lion Television

Dir: Nic Young

2006 Emmy Award Winner for Best Doc Script, 2006 US NAS Award for Best TV Program


DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD: Rule of the Gun (Drama-Doc)                                  1 x 30 - BBC / Lion Television

Dir: Anna Thomas


DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD: Road to Revolution (Drama-Doc)                              1 x 30 - BBC / Lion Television

Dir: Anna Thomas



AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: John and Abigail Adams (Drama-Doc)                                                      2 x 60 - WGBH

Dir: Peter Jones


DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD: Galileo Trial (Drama-Doc)                                         1 x 30 - BBC/Lion Television

Dir: Nic Young


DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD: Christmas Truce (Drama-Doc)                                     1 x 60 - BBC/Lion Television

Dir: Nic Young


NOVA: Secrets of the Battleship Yamato (Drama-Doc)                                             1 x 60 - WGBH/Bang Productions

Dir: David Axelrod                 


THE LOST FLEET OF KUBLAI KHAN (Drama-Doc)                               1 x 60 - Discovery Channel/Atlantic Productions

Dir: Alex Lay


PLANET EARTH (Natural History)                                                                     12 x 60 – BBC-NHU/Discovery/NHK



AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Atlantic Cable (Drama-Doc)                                             1 x 60 - WGBH/Green Umbrella

Dir: Peter Jones


BRITISH ISLES: A NATURAL HISTORY                                                                                      8 x 50 – BBC-NHU

2004 BAFTA-Nominated Camera Team


DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD: Marconi & Concord (Drama-Doc)                              2 x 30 – BBC/Lion Television

Dir: Alex Lay


HISTORY OF THE GUN (Doc)                                                                                      2 x 60 – Channel 5/UDEN

Dir: Alex Lay


COSTA DEL CRIME (Doc)                                                                                                      1 x 50 – Channel 4

Prod: Tim Lambert



AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Bataan Rescue (Drama-Doc)                                            1 x 60 - WGBH/Green Umbrella

Dir: Peter Jones

Heroic rescue of over 500 POW’s from behind Japanese lines in the Philippines by US Rangers, emotionally retold through eyewitness accounts and dramatic reconstruction


MISSING PRESUMED EATEN (Drama-Doc)                                                                   1 x 50 - BBC Natural World

Prod: Tim Martin

South African Michael Rosch goes missing, eaten by a Crocodile?


MONSTERS WE MET – OZ (Drama-Doc)                                                                                          1 x 60 - BBC 

Prod: Andy Byatt

Early Man arrives in Australia but has to deal with a few problems - with extensive use of Animatronics and CGI


LIFE OF MAMMALS (Natural History)                                                                      10 x 60 – BBC-NHU/Discovery

Prod: Vanessa Berlowitz /M. Linfield

Part of BAFTA 2003-Nominated Camera Team



ICE WORLD (Drama-Doc)                                                                                  2  x 60 – Channel 4/Wall to Wall

Dir: Tim Lambert

How humanity triumphed over one of the most destructive forces of nature. Shot in the extreme environment of the Artic Yukon


EGYPT’S GOLDEN EMPIRE (Drama-Doc)                                                               3 x 50 - BBC/Lion Television/DDE

Prod: Richard Bradley/ James Hawes

The age of Tutankhamun and Rameses brought to Life. Shot in the Nile valley and Sudan. 

2003 EMMY Nominee - Outstanding Historical Programming


NOVA: Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens (Drama-Doc)                                       1 x 90 – WGBH/C4/Green Umbrella

Prod: Peter Jones

2002 EMMY Winner - Outstanding Historical Programming


WITNESS: Voices of the Dead (Doc)                                                                                1 x 50 - Channel 4/DMP

Prod: David Monaghan



BODY STORY 2 (Drama)                                                                            4 x 30 – Channel 4/Discovery Channel

Prod: L. Klein/ D. Percival


WITNESS: The Maze                                                                                      1 x 50 – Channel 4/Lion Television

Prod: Richard Bradley



BEHIND BARS                                                                                               5  x 50 - BBC; Prod: Jonathan Stamp

Devil’s Island – Penitentiary New Mexico…. Extraordinary stories of five different Prisons, is it possible to punish and reform criminals in the same building at the same time?

CATCHING THE KILLERS                                                                                         1x50 – BBC; Prod: Paul Elston

ROLLING STONES:  “Bridges to Babylon”                                                                         1x90 - Prod: Jane Traeys

NAKED PLANET: GRAND CANYON                                                      1x50 - Wall to Wall / C4; Dir: Mark Everest

1 MAN 5 WIVES 29 CHILDREN - Polygamy in Utah                                     1x50 - Meridian / ITV; Prod: Jane Traeys

Against the background of the Utah landscape, Mormon Tom Green’s family story

TWO CULTURES – Art and Science                                                              1x50 – Blast / C4; Prod: Mark Harrison

AFRICA: LOVE IN THE SAHEL                                              1x50 - Tigress / Nat Geo Television; Prod: Harvey Lilley



TIMEWATCH: Las Vegas and The Mormons                                            1x50 - Lion TV / BBC; Prod: Richard Bradley

CENTURY ROAD: PASSING TRAINS                                                          1x50 – MBC / BBC; Prod: Mark Harrison

DISASTER: ATOMIC INFERNO (Drama-Doc)                                               1x30 - Stone City/ BBC; Prod: B. Higgins



SEARCH FOR LONGITUDE (Drama-Doc)                                               1x50 - GUL/ WGBH / BBC; Prod: Peter Jones

BODY STORY (Drama)                                                                           6x30 - C4 / Discovery; Prod: Leanne Klein

NAKED                                                                                                             4x40 – BBC; Prod: Lucy Blakstad

What do we think about our Body throughout our lives? Creative lighting and macro photography 

EQUINOX: Losing It                                                                                              1x60 - C4; Prod: Mark Harrison

1998 RTS Award winner

BAD LANGUAGE                                                                                    1x50- Diverse / C4; Prod: Mark Harrison

RAC – Commercials                                                                                               3 x 1 min; Prod: Mark Harrison



AMERICAN DREAM                                                            5x60 - Discovery/ BBC / Atlantic; Prod: Richard Bradley

LONGEST MEMORY (Drama)                                                                                 1x60 - C4; Prod: Mark Harrison

Adapted from a Fred D’Aguiar novel set in 1790s Virginia it tells of a doomed love affair between the daughter of plantation owner and black slave.

JERUSALEM: City of Heaven                                                             1x90 – Discovery / Atlantic; Prod: Tim Lambert

EMMY Winner – Outstanding Achievement

UNDER THE SUN: Thailand’s Royal Court                                                  2x50 - Oxford TV / BBC; Prod: Will Aslett

FOOTBALLS TO AFRICA (Comic Relief)                                                        3x30 – BCP / BBC; Prod: Mark Harrison

CARLSBERG and KIRI Cheese (Commercials)                                                         The Producers and Smith Hadfield



HUMAN JUNGLE                                                                      6x30 - C4 / Discovery; Prod.: L. Klein/Dan Percival

How has man adapted to life in the modern city? Extensive use of time-lapse and special effects photography

WHAT IF: ET                                                                                       1x60 - Discovery/ BCP; Prod.Mark Harrison

DAWN TO DUSK: Namibia                                                                           1x30 - BBC NHU; Prod: Mike Gunton

HORIZON: Einstein Revealed (Drama-Doc)                                         2x50 – GUL / WGBH / BBC; Prod: Peter Jones

COMIC RELIEF: Billy Connolly in Mozambique                                                      1x50 – BBC; Prod: Mark Harrison

UNDER THE SUN: Spending the Kid’s Inheritance                             1x50 – Illuminations / BBC; Dir: Russell England



BOOKMARK: Rumer Godden - an Indian Affair                                                    1x60 – BBC; Dir: Sharon Maguire

Author of Black Narcissus, returns to India and an emotional journey into her past

VISIONS OF HEAVEN AND HELL                                                       3x50 - BCP/ C4; Prod: Mark Harrison/L. Klein

Is new technology bringing us together or driving us apart?                                      

RTS award nominee for Best Photography

GREAT JOURNEYS: MEXICO - Damien Gorman                                                     1x50 - BBC; Dir: Hugh Thompson

GREAT JOURNEYS: KOREA - Evelyn Glennie                                          1x50 - IAMBIC Prod. / BBC; Dir: Chris Hunt

ISLAND OF DREAMS                                                                         3x50 - Touch / C4; Prod: Malcolm Brinkworth

MAGIC ANIMALS                                                                     4x30 - BBC; Prod: Mark Harrison, Dir: Ann Hawker

MYSTERY OF THE SENSES                                                                            4x50 WGBH / C4; Prod: Peter Jones


Highlights: 1993 – 1983

FOOTBALL CRAZY                                                                          1x50 - Oxford Films / C4; Prod: Annand Tucker

BLOOD AND BELONGING: N Ireland                                                                      1x50 - BBC; Prod: Tim Lambert

INSIDE STORY: Great Benefit Fraud                                                              1x50 – BBC; Prod: Malcolm Brinkworth

COMIC RELIEF: “Africa Films”                                                                                        BBC; Prod: Mark Harrison

IN SEARCH OF OUR ANCESTORS                                                             3x60 – WGBH / BBC; Prod: Peter Jones

GREAT RAILWAY JOURNEY’S: Karachi to the Kyber                                            1x50 - BBC; Prod: Jonathan Stedall

MPINGO – Tree that makes Music                                                                         1x50 - BBC; Prod: Mike Gunton

COAST OF DREAMS                                                                        2x50 – Touch / C4; Prod: Malcolm Brinkworth

RETURN TO THE FALKLANDS                                                                       1x50 - BBC; Prod: Malcolm Brinkworth

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